4 Reasons to Treat Your Gum Disease Symptoms With LANAP

4 reasons to treat your gum disease with lanap

Bleeding gums, swollen gum tissue and gum recession are all common symptoms of periodontal disease. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, it’s wise to schedule a consultation with your periodontist at your earliest convenience. Dr. Andrés Sánchez takes a high-tech approach to periodontal disease treatment and uses the LANAP® protocol to achieve the best outcome possible. Here are four reasons to treat your gum disease symptoms with laser technology such as that used with the LANAP® protocol.

  1. Quick Recovery Time

Laser technology is surprisingly gentle on oral tissues and carries minimal risks of complications. It also causes less inflammation than traditional gum surgery and yields a quicker recovery time. Whether you work, go to school or take care of kids all day, you’ll have minimal down time after LANAP®. In fact, most people can get back to their normal responsibilities on the same day as their treatment.

  • Minimal Discomfort

If you’re not a fan of traditional oral surgery procedures, you’ll be relieved to know laser treatments are much less invasive. They also cause minimal discomfort when compared to standard gum disease treatments. The laser utilized in the LANAP® protocol is extremely accurate, which means you won’t need to worry about healthy gum tissue accidentally being removed along with the diseased tissue.

  • Reduced Risk of Tooth Loss

Untreated gum disease frequently leads to bone and tooth loss, which can be devastating for the health and appearance of your smile. Studies show a link between LANAP® and tooth preservation, so it’s a great treatment choice if you’re concerned about tooth and bone loss.

  • Improved Oral Health

As you treat your diseased gum tissue with leading laser treatments, you’ll experience a healthier, more beautiful smile. Laser surgery removes the bacteria that cause gum disease symptoms. As you remove the bacteria, you’ll also reduce your risk of other oral infections.

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