Check Out These Key Benefits of Cone Beam CT

When you work with a periodontist who practiced advanced medicine and offers high-tech equipment, you may hear the team refer to a Cone Beam CT. This is a type of scanning device that gives incredibly clear images of what’s happening in your mouth. With those images, your periodontist can determine how to best proceed with your treatment plan. At PerioWest, we use our Cone Beat CT scan for everything from forming second opinions to seeking out the best locations for the placement of dental implants.

Whenever possible, it’s wise to find a dental provider with this tool. That way, you can take advantage of the benefits of the Cone Beam CT:

  • The images are much clearer than you get with a normal x-ray. This gives your periodontist a better look into what’s happening in your mouth. It’s easier to spot areas of concern when utilizing a Cone Beam CT. In fact, it may be used in tandem with regular x-rays to provide a secondary source of information.
  • The x-ray beam can be used to scan very small areas. What does this mean? Less exposure to radiation waves when you undergo a pinpointed scan. Some research has shown that the Cone Beam CT reduces radiation by up to 98 percent compared to other fan-beam CT scanners. In addition, it enables the periodontist to complete very specific goals.
  • It’s a fast experience. You may be surprised at how rapidly the Cone Beam CT scans. Some scans take as little as 10 seconds to complete! As long as you stay still, the fast speed should result in a great, usable image.

The next time you make an appointment for any type of periodontal concern, be sure to ask about the Cone Beam CT. At our office, we’re happy to explain the benefits of this amazing piece of machinery to patients. Let us show you how it can be used, and don’t forget that it’s practical for all types of applications, including surgery related to dental implants.

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