Choose Dental Implants for a Healthy Smile on World Smile Day

October 5th is World Smile Day, and you should celebrate by making sure you have the best smile you can have. If you’ve recently lost teeth, taking this opportunity will not only improve your smile, it will also give you the chance to get back some lost function and to keep your smile line from permanently changing. Waiting to decide on a replacement option for missing teeth gives the remaining teeth in your jaw the opportunity to shift, which can permanently change the way your smile looks even if you get dental implants later.

Advantages of Implants

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to talk to your periodontist about dental implants. Not only are they strong and permanent, they also look great. That means you can count on all these great gains when you decide implants are your option:

• Keep eating the foods you love! Implants are strong enough to handle your regular diet.
• Teeth replacement is permanent! If your dental implants are not damaged, they will never need to be replaced.
• Replace one tooth or an entire arch—implants are flexible.
• Recovery is quick.
• Most patients with no major health complications qualify.

Give Yourself a Natural Looking Smile Again

Enjoy World Smile Day by restoring your smile so you can look great in photos, get back to your favorite foods, and relax in the knowledge that your implants are also easy to repair if the unexpected does happen. No other option for replacing missing teeth allows you to act with this much confidence, and no option looks more natural than titanium-anchored dental implants with detailed porcelain replacement teeth.

Contact our office in Minneapolis, MN today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanchez. Only a consultation can tell you for sure whether you are a good candidate for dental implants. It will also reveal whether there are any additional support therapies or procedures that can make implants more rewarding for you. Call us today to get your appointment.