How a Periodontist Can Help Make Your Mouth Healthier

If you have painful problems with your mouth and teeth, you may need the help of a specialist beyond your regular dentist. For some conditions affecting the health of your gums and teeth, you could see better results from a periodontist. If you are experiencing gum pain or thinking about dental implants, a periodontist may be able to help. Dr. Andres R. Sanchez is an experienced periodontist in Eden Prairie, MN who can give your mouth a closer look. Here is how a periodontist may be able to help you.

Gum Disease Relief

Periodontists are specialized dental providers who have received additional training and expertise in managing and treating the soft tissue of the mouth. This type of dentist specializes in all stages of gum disease. You can get many more options for successful treatment of this painful condition with the help of a specialist.

Options for a Better Smile

It is also a good idea to see a periodontist if you are thinking of repairing or restoring your teeth. If you have missing teeth, one highly recommended solution is to consider dental implants. You can entrust the care of your mouth to a highly-skilled periodontist if you decide to go with implants.

How You Benefit

Choosing implants gives your mouth more benefits than other treatment options. Implants give you a permanent tooth restoration treatment that will not need to come out for cleaning each night. Implants are also incredibly durable and long-lasting, similar to your own set of natural teeth.

Patients also enjoy the convenience of implants. You do not need to worry about varying your diet because you can chew almost anything without experiencing pain. Finally, you can feel good about your smile again with this type of option.

When you are ready to start looking for more permanent solutions to your tooth problems, call us at (866) 910-5937. Dr. Sanchez can help you decide which treatment is right for you.