How Harmful is Halloween Candy?

Children and adults alike eat plenty of candy on Halloween. While most people do not see the harm in indulging in sweets once in a while, enough sugar can lead to many oral health problems, including gum recession. Patients at the office of Andres R. Sanchez, DDS MS need to be aware of how candy interacts with oral structures and the harm even a small amount of candy can do.

Sugar Leads to Periodontitis

Your teeth are already covered with a ton of bacteria. Some of these bacteria are healthy while some of them are dangerous. Sugar feeds the harmful bacteria. Bacteria break down the sugar, leaving behind plaque, a byproduct of the consumption process. Plaque increases the oral acidity within your mouth. People can keep plaque levels in check by brushing and flossing every day and maintaining a healthy diet that is relatively low in sugar. However, if enough sugar builds up, then it leads to gum disease, which brings along various side effects.

Periodontitis, Receding Gum Lines, and LANAP

There are various symptoms to periodontitis, including red gums, bleeding gums, and gum recession. Your gums frame your teeth in a certain manner, and they play a big role in the overall aesthetic of your smile. Gum disease can cause this tissue to pull back, making a person’s teeth seem longer than normal. This results in cosmetic issues, but it also makes a person more susceptible to even more oral health problems. If enough of the tooth root is exposed, then bacteria build up on the root itself instead of the crown. A receding gum line also makes the teeth feel looser and makes them more likely to fall out.

LANAP® is a minimally invasive, virtually pain free procedure designed to treat gum disease and renew your smile. LANAP is performed without sutures or cutting any soft gum tissue. The precision laser attacks the bacteria in the periodontal pockets. Significant gum tissue remains and your smile is rejuvenated with decreased risk of tooth or jaw bone loss.

Contact Our Periodontist Right Away

There are numerous treatments available for addressing periodontitis, including scaling and root planing and LANAP. Be mindful of how much candy you consume this Halloween, and contact Dr. Sanchez at PerioWest immediately if something does not feel right with your teeth or gums.