How Pinhole Surgical Technique Can Improve Your Life

As you age, it’s normal for your gums to recede and more of your tooth to show. This makes many people self-conscious and uncomfortable about the way their smile looks, but they fear the gum grafting procedure that can fix it. Fortunately, Dr. Sanchez offers a minimally-invasive surgical technique that can fix receding gums without the risks and discomfort that comes from traditional gum grafting surgery.

How It Works

Before performing the Pinhole Surgical Technique near Minneapolis, MN, Dr. Sanchez cleans the teeth and numbs the area with a local anesthetic. A tiny entry point is made right above the teeth that are being treated. The entry point is only about 0.1 inches in size. Then, a specialized dental tool is used to free gum tissue from the area and move it down into a better position.

After that, a small angled instrument places collagen strips through the entry point and underneath the gums, which aids in the stabilizing process. Up to 14 teeth can be treated in one sitting, and there is very little pain or discomfort after the procedure.

The Benefits

There are few risks when it comes to the Pinhole surgical technique. Recovery times are shorter and less painful, and more teeth can be treated at one time, although you can opt to treat a smaller area during each treatment. Each appointment lasts no longer than two hours, and with a little bit of an over the counter pain reliever before the appointment, you should have minimal pain.

For those who are insecure or uncomfortable with the way their gums look as they recede, this procedure is a valuable way to gain confidence in your smile once again.

Give Us A Call

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