Laser Gum Therapy

LANAP® is a revolutionary alternative to conventional gum surgery. LANAP Eden Prairie, MN

With minimally invasive laser gum surgery, Dr. Sanchez can remove periodontal disease in a more efficient and less painful manner, decreasing the risk of many common side effects and complications associated with traditional gum surgery. This FDA-cleared laser gum surgery minimizes discomfort, bleeding and healing time.The LANAP® protocol reduces trauma because it is performed entirely with a specialized laser, the PerioLase® MVP-7™. This laser exclusively targets gum disease and allows Dr. Sanchez a high level of precision. With the PerioLase® MVP-7™, Dr. Sanchez can eradicate bacteria and diseased tissue, while avoiding unnecessary loss of healthy tissue. This makes laser gum surgery a beneficial option for people who have experienced severe gum recession in conjunction with gum disease. Patients also benefit with the longevity of long-term success; research shows that after five years, 95 percent of people who undergo the LANAP® protocol display stable periodontal health.

Laser gum surgery offers a convenient alternative to conventional treatment, for those affected by gum disease. Typically, Dr. Sanchez can treat periodontal disease during a single appointment. Patients do not require sutures following the procedure, and many people experience an expedited recovery, generally within 24 hours. Since the procedure does not involve incisions or sutures, patients are less likely to experience pain, bleeding, and infections.

No CutSewFearThis minimally invasive procedure is also suitable for those who may not be ideal candidates for conventional surgery, due to certain health conditions. If left untreated, gum disease may induce serious health consequences such as tooth loss and bone density deterioration. Research also suggests that there are correlations between periodontal disease and systemic health problems. Patients who notice bleeding, swelling, recession or other signs of gum disease should protect their health by seeking appropriate care to determine whether treatment is necessary. If you would like more information about LANAP® visit our website . If you would like to see if LANAP® or laser gum therapy is the right solution for your periodontal disease treatment please schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanchez. You may contact our office at 800 Eden Prairie Center Drive Suite 220 Eden Prairie, MN 55344 by calling 952.567.7457.