Receding Gums and the Pinhole Surgical Technique

What to Do With Receding Gums
Receding gums is often difficult to detect because it is a gradual process that occurs over an extended period of time. Also, given the fact that the change is so gradual sometimes it can often go unnoticed. However, it’s important to regularly check your gums to be sure that they are not receding. Eventually receding gums can lead to tooth loss which will ultimately rob a patient of a bright and healthy smile. While many are led to believe that the leading cause of gum recession is due to poor dental hygiene this is in fact no correct. This is because patients who regularly brush and floss as well as visit their dentist regularly can still experience the issue of gum recession. It should also be noted that a patient’s genetic predisposition or hormonal changes can both be considered plausible leading causes of gum recession.

Restore Your Smile with PST
In order to reverse the issue of gum recession one of the new and effective treatments available is the Pinhole Surgical Technique. This technique has provided patients who are suffering from receding gums great results in terms of the restoration of their gums. The treatment works in the following ways:

  • A pinpoint instrument is used to make small holes directly above the affected area.
  • Specialized instruments are placed into these holes to gently loosen the gum tissue.
  • After the gum tissue is loosened it is then pulled back down to its original position.
  • Collagen strips are then inserted into the holes in order to hold the gums in place.

Given the fact that the Pinhole Surgical Technique doesn’t not include utilizing a scalpel or a suture there is a minimum amount of bleeding as well as a minimum amount of post-operative pain. In some cases, the holes that are made in a procedure can often heal as soon as the next day following surgery.

Schedule A Consultation
It’s important to not allow your smile to be altered due to gum recession. The Pinhole Surgical Technique has helped many patients reverse damage caused by gum recession. Reach out to your dentist to discuss the Pinhole Surgical Technique as an option for gum recession treatment. Schedule a consultation to get started on your treatment.