Your Quick Guide to the All-on-4® Procedure

For people who have a full arch of missing teeth, or may soon have all the teeth in their arch extracted, there are usually two options: invest in traditional dentures, or have dental implants and a removable denture that is held securely in place. Now, there is a third possibility that combines the best of all worlds. That choice is called All-on-4®.

How All-on-4® Works

All-on-4® is a revolutionary way to instantly bring back your smile in just one surgery. Using four strategically placed posts embedded in the jawbone, a trained periodontist can secure an immediate-load prosthesis onto the posts the same day. Patients can literally walk in the door without any teeth, and leave with what looks like a full set of natural teeth.

By eliminating the period of time it usually takes to get back to feeling, looking and functioning normally for patients, All-on-4® makes it much easier for individuals to return to their preferred lifestyles.

Get the All-on-4® Advantages

All-on-4® offers numerous advantages to patients who are uninterested in the challenges of having regular dentures:

  • There is only one surgery, instead of several.
  • A bone graft may not be necessary due to the angular positioning of two of the posts.
  • The prosthetic is surgically added to the mouth. It is never removed.
  • Patients have an instant ability to eat, drink, smile and talk without fear or social anxiety.
  • There have been more than 100,000 All-on-4® surgeries since 1998, making it a safe, trusted procedure.
  • It is less expensive overall than other permanent methods of solving comprehensive, full arch tooth loss.

Could You Be a Candidate for All-on-4®?

Candidates for All-on-4® must be edentulous (without teeth), or about to lose their teeth in the upper arch, the lower arch or both arches. Due to the nature of the surgery, it may be possible to get All-on-4® even if you have low bone density. However, this will be determined by a thorough evaluation by your periodontist.

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